What A _____ World We Live In

I just want to be equal; nothing less, nothing more

What a cruel world we live in

Where my every movement is considered sin

Where I have to run from a man’s curious hand

And I am discouraged from taking a stand 

What an unfair world we live in 

Where I am terrified of a look and a grin 

Where I clutch my keys to walk home 

Because I simply cannot be left alone 

What a hypocritical world we live in 

Where a man can be proud and loud and always win 

But I am considered rude and a liar and a wh*re 

When I just want to be equal; nothing less, nothing more 

What a judgemental world we live in 

My sisters are condemned for who they are, for who they’ve been 

Hearts aching for each other, for the lives we have been served 

The world telling us this is what we deserved 

Because my skirt was too short 

Because I did not take the time to report 

Because boys will be boys 

And girls are their toys 

Taught from a young age to be ladylike and silent 

While others are encouraged to be tough and violent 

Drilled in our heads that we only exist to serve 

Barbie becoming president? The nerve! 

Watching over every number 

Hypnotized by a scale, can we ever awake from this slumber? 

Forced to compare ourselves, like trophies on display 

Instead of protecting each other from our prey 

I’m sorry, my sisters, for the world has failed us 

Breonna, Marsha, Oluwatoyin, crying for justice 

But we must reconstruct and reform 

A society that is broken and torn

What a cruel world we live in. 

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