"And I was left to pick up the pieces."

There’s a war going on 

With people getting killed

While others get billed 

For things that destroy

Not create

There are 

Women getting raped

Their mouths being taped

Their bodies marked

While they fall apart

Yet my biggest worry

That morning was what to wear

And to leave in a hurry 

So the bus would still be there 

But who knew that in just a few hours

My world would fall apart

I wouldn’t sleep for days 

Survive on the caffeine 

Cause she was gone 

And I was left to pick up the pieces

The next day I went to school 

Pretended like I was cool

Cause I couldn’t stand what I saw in my mother’s eyes

It was something that was never there before

That day in English I couldn’t breathe 

Almost blacked out

Cause my teacher started talking about the war 

That took her away

But I’ve also never been more enraged

Cause she put her with the numbers

Like this is logos, and this is pathos

It took everything in me to not just say, 

those are people you talking about 

Everyone who knew kept asking if I was okay

But what was I supposed to say?

That I’m falling apart inside

Every minute of every day

Hell, you could ask any teenager in this world

And their response would be the same as mine

They’ll all say fine

While inside they’re falling apart

Not sleeping at nights 

fighting demons inside their own minds

And being told that you’re too young

To know you’re gay, bi, trans, queer, or just part of LGBTQ

But why don’t you tell the straights the same thing too

Like they can date the opposite 

But I can’t love who I want

How the fuck is that right

So the next time you tell me I’m too young

To know who I am 

You might want to think about the fact 

That I’ve been here for 

Me too

And black lives matter

And being locked in my own house for months on end

And realizing no one’s safe, even the politicians who sit at capitol hill

And the world I call my home is burning itself up 

And a war that’s happening right now as I talk

The war that killed her….

The war that killed my best friend 

So here’s the deal 

Don’t ask if I’m okay

Cause my response will be the same

Every single time

And don’t even try to get me to open up

Cause I can tell you what’s gonna happen:

Your gonna gain my trust,

And I’ll love you with everything I have

But then you’re gonna leave and

I’m gonna be alone to clean up the mess you created 

So don’t come in my life 

Cause I am sick of everyone coming and going 

Like it’s a pit stop you don’t think about twice

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