The Silent Feminist

"She was more than what society molded her into."

As she lays on her bed

Reminiscing over her youth,

Haunted with confusing memories

Her heart desires nothing but the truth.

When she was still so naive

Couldn’t recognize her own worth.

When the world labeled her as “bossy’

Others afraid, that someday she might give birth.

But was that all she could become?

She was more than what society molded her into.

“You’re a man hater” is what they would say.

But all along, she was fighting for equality.

Feminism became a synonym for ‘hostile”

It was then when she realized, that she must

alter that perspective.

When at adulthood, she started being objectified

by certain elements of society and nature.

Inside her ribcage remained her lonely heart,

For she could not understand why her honor

was tied with the decisions she makes about her own body.

There is a lingering fear in her heart,

Every time she steps out of the house,

But then she remembers who she is.

Dropping all the weight from her shoulders,

so she could walk like a queen.

I will change the narration, she tells herself,

As she acknowledges her belief- feminism. 

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