The Scars We Get During Battle Help Us Rise

Do not see me for my disability. Do not see me for my race. I am a person just like anyone else.

They keep those hidden in the dark, in a safe place away from harm. While they throw me to the lions just because I’m different. 

How can I go on? Knowing I will never be treated the same as you. What makes us so different? Please tell me.

My dark chestnut eyes shed many tears that you will never know about.

The beach does not feel the same wrath that the forest does. The forest is seen as dark, ominous, and threatening. While the beach is seen as inviting, entrancing, and desirable. We are both beautiful despite what others may think. 

Do not undermine me- for my condition does not make me any less powerful. 

Have you ever noticed that in the forest there is almost always rain? Or leftover moisture from yesterday or previous days? Why is there always that humid feeling there? In the forest, it usually rains. It cries. It weeps. Always humid because that feeling of pain just never disappears. Will never fade. No amount of sunshine will be able to dry those tears of the forest. 

How is it you can only see certain scenery as beautiful? In nature, everyone is in awe at the beauty of the clear light blue water. But can’t they find the beauty in a tall dark oak tree? 

I am not something to be fixed. I am not a broken toy despite the damage I have endured. 

Stop trying to tell me to be “normal”. I am not normal, nor will I ever be because being ordinary is simply not true. 

Just because I do not seem disabled to you doesn’t mean I haven’t struggled every day.

Color does not define beauty. Your blue eyes are as alluring as my hazelwood ones.

I really do find something magical about hazel eyes with a touch of green. It reminds me of the slushy soil and soft grass.

I dream of a place where I am not seen as a threat. I dream of this perfect world that is yet to exist so until it does - I shall continue to roam in this world only in my imagination.

Do not see me for my disability. Do not see me for my race. I am a person just like anyone else.

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