The Last Man Standing

Did you witness the racism, sexism, discrimination, elitism, and the disgust humanity showed towards diversity, causing all that needless adversity?

To the last man standing, 

Did you notice the oppression of ethnic groups, or the suppression of true expression, or our indiscretion towards those with severe depression, and our obsession with

using offensive microaggressions, knowing their drastic consequences?

Did you witness the way we threw murder and rape in the air like it was recess and played around with the issue as if it was a basketball?

We faced issues like apoliticism, gender inequality, racism, bigotry based on culture, and so many more unpardonable social injustices, and somehow,

Instead of holding the wrongful people accountable, we animated and rotated stories, we confiscated the right to affordable medical health, we concentrated too much

on other people’s bodies and weight, we expected sexual assault survivors not to loudly narrate their sufferance and perpetuated falsehoods against ethnic groups.

To the last man standing, 

Did you witness the racism, sexism, discrimination, elitism, and the disgust humanity showed towards diversity, causing all that needless adversity?

Did you notice every honk, every firework, every wrapper, every bit of wasted food is the reeking pile of dirt that you’re currently sitting in?

I know you didn’t, I am aware that you are that exact man that threw what he liked where he wanted, treated women like servants, hurt people to get ahead, couldn’t

stand anyone that wasn’t as pale and spiteful as you were, and are, and all this because of your perversity?


Last man standing, 

“Money wins the race,” “In the real world, money talks.” You’ve heard these phrases before, haven’t you?

I hope you’re euphoric with the place your gluttony and covetous “needs” got you, after all, all that matters is that your industry keeps expanding! 

And the view affront you? Stunning! The muddy ocean filled with plastic bits of your ignorance, and the pile of dirt and wrinkled money you’re sitting in makes all of us so

incredibly jealous. 


Last man standing, 

Did you never feel severe culpability, cutting ribbons at animal rights ceremonies, then returning home to your exorbitant fur-coated furniture?

Did you never feel guilty buying cosmetics and clothes that harmed not only animals but child laborers, just for the branding? 

And did you never feel guilty knowing that every single tree you cut down is the reason you can’t even breathe through the thick smoggy air right now?


Last man standing, 

Pick up that hundred-dollar bill, take a look at it, and then at the barren land around you.

Could that hundred-dollar bill buy you trees, oxygen, water, love, emotion, empathy?

What exactly is the value of that dollar bill, when it can’t buy everything you need to thrive and live every single day.


But, last man standing,

It wasn’t just you who shredded our world to fragments by putting greed over need, profit over people, and gaining wealth by denying real-world issues with absolute


It was all of us. 

Each and every one of us who let the belly in our beast get much too hungry and let all the petals of the rose fall off onto the floor, crash landing

On the floor of fire, that left our chances of doing much better burning into ashes, because it was us that put our need beneath our desire.


“Survival of the fittest,” they say; “have the Midas touch,” they say.

Cut through the flesh for the wealth, extract that tusk at the break of dusk just as long as nobody catches you in the task, kill the bee for its honey just to make some


Don’t you even remember, that all that glitters isn’t gold, so why all the gratuitous fraudulent gains?

Why exactly did we work our way up to iPhones, robots, AI, and other technological things, when our “advancement” put a halt to evolution?


Dear men and women still standing,

Stop making the atmosphere your bathtub, stop pouring in more carbon dioxide than it can drain!

Stop switching solicitude with salary, let people be comfortable with their sexuality, stop evoking fraudulent mentality.

Don’t let malevolent business men’s morbidity and their style of talking formidably burn through your skin like acid rain,

Don’t switch out mortality for batteries, don’t make brutality normality, don’t replace your personality with formalities.


Dear humankind that is still standing,

Start thinking about the next generation, start rebuilding their foundation

Make yourself a fraction of the solution, not the problem before it’s too late!

Don’t aspire to be the oblivious last man standing

Stop placing all the weight on the shoulders of fate, stop looking at the bank rate while lives deteriorate. MOTHER EARTH IS OUR BEST MATE!

It’s not our apps, but our minds that need an update.

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