The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Do you ever feel lonely even in a crowded town?

Do you ever feel low or have a mental breakdown?

Do you ever feel lonely even in a crowded town?

It is completely normal to feel this way; it is not something to hide,

Talk about how you are feeling to a friend, a mentor, or a guide.

Nobody is perfect so don't compare yourself with others’ achievements,

You are unique and full of talents, excellence has no fixed requirements,

Your happiness, satisfaction, and mental health are of the greatest importance,

There is no need to succumb to societal pressure and dominance.

Depression, anxiety, loneliness, PTSD, and ADHD are real illnesses,

How, why, and to what severity are no one else’s business,

Irrespective of what society says, there is no need to be ashamed,

The severity and significance of mental health shall be proclaimed.

Taking care of one’s own self and consulting experts can be helpful,

Exercising, meditating, and practicing hobbies can be delightful,

Listen to the stories of people who have experienced the same,

Making yourself feel better by positive actions and thoughts should be your aim.

Everyone has been through such a phase one way or another,

So as friends and family we should all support and uplift each other,

Spread love, care, positivity, moral support, and kindness,

And inform more and more people about mental health awareness.

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