The Girl and the Glass Box

No one was going to put her in The Glass Box again

part 1

she was excited

excited to start

express her power

The String

that was herself brought her to the front

pulled herself to make herself known

part 2

she was doing it

making her place

doing what she wanted 

speaking her voice

part 3

but then it started.

the shadows around her seemed so confident

they said whatever they wanted to

did whatever they wanted to

without ever feeling like they

had a pressure to apologize

like she did

she was made to apologize constantly

they talked over her

talked down to her

she saw her contributions 

only accepted and praised

when it was repackaged by them

they took the String and kept pulling

and pulling


her back

part 4

she decided to speak up

against their constant cruelty

then their sharp words

bombarded her

it’s not a big deal

stop being so over sensitive 

calm down

i never did that

stop making things up


and pushing her

back and back

part 5

then it happened

they grabbed the String, her

and pulled

she tried to grab something

anything to hang on

but it didn’t work


and shoved

into The Glass Box

stay there 

where you belong

she looked at the glass walls surrounding her

t r a p p e d

she punched the walls


for help

and in agony

the box didn’t budge

she slid down

back to a wall

maybe they were right

part 6


the anger came


they don’t deserve this “win”

not again

fueled by her Power

she punched 


at these

Glass Walls

shattering the Glass

shards of




were defeated on the floor below her

part 7

she did it.

the Glass Box


and stomped

pushed herself

to the front

spoke up

made herself known

no matter what they said

and if they had a problem with it


she took a look back at the shattered Glass

and smiled

no one was going to put her


The Glass Box


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