Restructuring Redefy

Redefy was founded in September of 2013, and we have grown immensely since then. 

Redefy was founded in September of 2013, and we have grown immensely since then. Prior to this restructuring effort we had a founder (myself), a leadership team, and a school representatives team. This organizational structure was not particularly conducive to efficiency as most members did not have a clear understanding of how they could most benefit redefy. We are fortunate to have so many brilliant people on our team, and this restructuring effort allows everyone to have a specific role catered to their specific interests, skills, and passions. There are currently over 100 teenagers on our team from all around the world, and I know that we truly can make a profound difference in this world.

One of the biggest obstacles I have personally had to face in running redefy is trying to get people who don’t identify as social justice advocates involved in the organization. Many kids didn’t believe they should join the organization as they did not think they knew enough about diversity issues to benefit redefy. The hope is that under our new restructuring effort we can appeal to teenagers that don’t have an existing interest in social justice. A student can be into programming, but through creating our new app and inputting our content - that student will become far more educated about social justice. Our mission is to defy stereotypes, redefine perspectives positively, embrace acceptance, and create an active community. We believe that this restructuring will allow us to inspire teen activism further, work efficiently, have defined goals, accomplish a great deal, and truly have a brilliant redefy team.

The restructuring will work as follows (our website team page ( will be updated shortly to reflect all the new positions):

We will have NINE different teams dedicated to accomplishing specific tasks, but still committed to our overwhelming mission of furthering equality for all. All teams are composed of team members (or officers) and are headed by a VP with a Head Officer working under them.

The redefy team as a whole will still be working all together often!

  • I (Ziad Ahmed) will serve as Founder and President, and oversee all aspects of the organization. I will continue to come up with all the campaign ideas, write for redefy, plan VOICES, work to partner with organizations, promote redefy further, learn more, and really be the leader of the organization. I hope redefy really accomplishes a lot this year, and that we can truly ripple positive change throughout this world.
  • Cierra Moore will serve as the Vice President of the organization, and also as the VP of our Film and Photography Team. She will assist with all administrative tasks, and specifically help to oversee all our written content, our applications, and our organizational skills.
  • The Film and Photography Team will work to create videos for our organization, as well as take photographs at all of our events. Their current project is work to complete our Clean Air Campaign Video (
  • The Event Planning Teamwill be headed by our VP of Event Planning and Campaigns, Nick Jain. They are currently working to plan a huge event known was #TheGenerationOfNow, which will hopefully be on Sunday, December 13th. The event will feature racial justice activists speaking about the imperative nature of activism, and also will include workshops for teens on how they can mobilize to make a difference. This team will be dedicated to planning events, figuring out logistics, and generally making sure all our programming efforts go well. The Head Officer of Event Planning is Nicole Hartley.
  • The Campaigns Team is also headed by our VP of Event Planning and Campaigns, Nick Jain. They are currently working with the Merchandising Team on the Call Out Campaign in effort to create products/hashtags that assist in calling out racism in the many ugly forms in which it unfortunately manifests. This team will work on various projects that are pertinent to our yearly mission in order to really promote awareness, work together, and make a difference. The Head Officer of Campaigns is Sammy Wong.
  • The Merchandising Campaign Team is working under Nick as well with the Campaigns Team to help design, produce, and distribute redefy merchandise that allows us to create awareness, promote acceptance, and challenge detrimental stereotypes. They are working to really make the Call Out Campaign a success through their fashion skills, innovative minds, and creative outlooks. The Head Officer of the Merchandising Campaign is Caroline Bernstein.
  • The Social Media Team is a group who will be posting on all our social media platforms, growing our audiences, and initiating campaigns to further educate youth about diversity issues. This is a big group that will hopefully really help to get redefy out there in order for our message to reach as many people as possible. Julia Marshall, our VP of Social Media, leads this group with various Head Officers taking charge of a specific social media platform.
  • The Outreach Team is reaching out to potential spokespeople, schools, organizations, students, and other groups in order to engage as many people as possible. This group focuses on growing redefy through increasing our visibility, geographic presence, and forging meaningful bonds. This team is led by Lara Strassberg, VP of Outreach, and Jenifer Miller, Head Officer of Outreach. Outreach also focuses on recruiting new members, greeting people at events, and generally being the friendly face of redefy.
  • The Advocacy Team is an exciting group that will publish weekly reports on current events related social justice tailored to teens through This is necessary because so much of the discrimination that exists in our world is through ignorance. This team is empowering teenagers with concise information on the reality of our world, ways to work towards justice, and statements on important news.
  • The Journalism Team is essentially our staff writers who work to publish quality content, edit the pieces, and report on social justice related current events. We believe that the power of sharing of stories, news reporting, and education is immense. The journalism team focuses on writing, editing, and publishing in order to really educate our audience in a way that is interesting, moving, and impactful. This team is headed by our VP of Journalism, Michael Zhao. Working under him are our Head Officers of Journalism, Amulya Tadimety and Trivarna Hariharan.
  • The Technology Team is our team currently constructing a redefy app, updating our website, and pushing redefy to be up to date technologically. We hope that these advances allow for redefy to reach more people, be more accessible, and inspire more youth to get involved. This team is lead by our Head Officer of Technology, Maddie Lapuerta.
  • The School Representatives Team is our team that requires the least commitment. This team allows teens who don't have much time on their hands to be involved in our work. This group works to generally promote redefy, writes for us when possible, and is a helping hand to the organization.
  • Clubs/Chapters can be created under our new restructuring quite easily. We hope that by giving students the opportunity to start a club/chapter that we can really make a difference all around the world. Clubs/chapters would have monthly meetings (we have prepared suggested monthly meeting agendas) to discuss different diversity issues. They could also hold events that mirror the ones that we hold around Princeton, NJ. I am very hopeful that this new set-up will really grow redefy’s international presence so that many kids can be educated about the necessity of equality. You can view our first suggested monthly meeting agenda here:
  • Specific Positions - Certain people will also hold specific positions that do not belong to an existing team that address a particular need for our organization. Melinda Guo, our Head Officer of Development, works to create redefy clubs/chapters all over the world, creates the suggested monthly club agendas, and develops redefy in numerous ways. Zain Bhayat, our Head Officer of Statistics, works to compile all of our numerical data, administer and evaluate surveys, and figures out how we can best increase our visibility after reviewing our statistics. More of these positions will arise as we evaluate our circumstances.

We have a lot planned for this year (some things were not even outlined above)! I know that the redefy team - working together - can really accomplish so much. I am so excited to see us grow further.

If you have ever even considered getting involved - we would LOVE to have you! Please fill out this application to join the team today: sooner the better as we are really starting to get the ball rolling on all our projects).

If you would like to start a club/chapter at your school/in your area please fill out this application, and we would be THRILLED to help you make it happen:

Look out for our updated team page, and many more exciting announcements soon!

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