Responsibilities For Media Representation: should it be well done or not done at all?

The media representation made correctly has innumerable positive outcomes for the society, but what happens when the representation is not not made correctly has some not that positive outcomes for the society.

The media has one primary responsibility: the art of mass communication. This art can be made by writing, videos, presenting, and so many other ways. When communicating, these diverse ways have different goals, such as informing and entertaining. 

So when thinking about the media and its goal of mass communicating, it is crucial to think about factors responsible for the perfect realization of the act. A factor that we cannot ignore is representation. This representation can be about ethnicity, beliefs, race, and other characteristics that form unique human beings. Moreover, When discussing representation, it is fundamental to consider that we live in a diverse society, so the media should reflect this society. 

Can a message be well delivered if it does not represent the target? 

In order for people to feel the willingness to pay attention to the message from the media, they need to think that the message is directed for them. When the representation is required in the media so that the people feel the appeal to it by seeing that they are - somehow - included in the message. 

However, it is crucial to think about how the media can prioritize representation. 

To illustrate, when thinking about Latinos represented in Hollywood movies, it is possible to find the usual personality traits among them. Usually, Latinos are represented as criminals or violent people. And they can also be represented with exaggerated sensuality. Therefore, this representation of Latinos is not a representation since it is not possible to communicate to Latin people by stereotypes. Also, it is vital to think that general representation can be considered offensive, and the media will not achieve its goal if a group of people feels offended about it. Lastly, it is essential to consider how this false leading representation of the media can interfere with how other people see a group and how it can be harmful. 

On the other hand, the media representation made correctly has many benefits. When the media represents well, it can make the message that they are communicating more appealing. It can help other people see different groups with an open-minded perspective since the representation will allow them to know more about diverse groups. Additionally, it can help people understand how they have diverse characteristics even in a group of people with the same background. For example, in the Latin American community - especially when Latinos have been drawn by stereotypes in the media for such a long time, as mentioned earlier.

Breaking the stereotype will for sure affect society as a whole. However, the effect that representation without stereotyping made by the media can have on kids is incredible. Youngsters tend to find their reflection in products from the media to shape their identity about their race, ethnicity, belief. Moreover, when they try to mirror themselves with the representation in the media and encounter stereotypes, their identity can be limited. Still, when the representation is made correctly, it can expand their expectations of what they can be, resulting in a more diverse and enriched society. 

In conclusion, the representation made correctly is beneficial for the media - since it will be able to deliver its message in the best way possible - and for the society - since the representation will help it be more open-minded.

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