redefy begins!

Starting Redefy

This is it, redefy is officially up and running and I could not be more excited! All our information regarding what redefy is about and our mission is on the “about” page and if you have any further questions at all please feel free to send us an email, you can find our email address and other useful information on our “contact us” page. For a lot of great ways to get involved with redefy and help spread and work for our cause of defying stereotypes and eliminating ignorance please visit our “get involved” page, I greatly encourage all of you to get involved in some way whether it be just following us on our social networks, posting a story, or even potentially being part of an organizing committee for an event later down the road. The truth is just paying attention to our work and posts and just trying to take away something from our message is huge and could greatly benefit our society and I am so excited to see that happen. To see who is behind this organization visit “the team” page and read a little bit about my leadership team and I. I started this organization because stereotypes and ignorance is such a huge problem that so many of us face every single day and it is time for us to stand up and rebel for something worth rebelling for. It is time we looked around us to recognize and admire those who are actively doing great things by defying stereotypes that society has wrongly put upon them. It is time for us to join in an accepting community for a common goal and learn from each other’s experiences and observations. It is time for us to get informed and to be educated, we can all benefit from new perspectives. It is time we have awesome events which show boldly that we can defy and that we can rise above any stereotypes or ignorance society throws at us. We are the next generation of positive thinkers and doers and this is a huge step towards our success, please get involved today and help us embark on this amazing journey where we are going to do some phenomenal things as a part of this great organization! I thank you and just simply can’t wait to see us do some awesome work together!

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