Redefy is proud to present the #PrincetonAgainstRacism campaign along with Princeton CHOOSE and Princeton Not in Our Town.

Redefy is proud to present the #PrincetonAgainstRacism campaign along with Princeton CHOOSE and Princeton Not in Our Town. This campaign is in participation of the YWCA's Stand Against Racism initiative (http://standagainstracism.org/). The Stand Against Racism initiative seeks to end racial profiling, the New Jim Crow, and racism in general. It is imperative that we take part in this effort in order to stand against ignorance, injustice, and hate.

Princeton Not in Our Town is doing brilliant work to combat racism in the Greater Princeton Area. Please keep up to date with their efforts here: http://niotprinceton.org/

Please view the YWCA's call to action here:https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/24522-standagainstracism?locale=enx

The YWCA's hashtags are: #StandAgainstRacism #EndProfiling

We must push our government to put an end to racial profiling and the new Jim Crow. We must actively oppose all forms of racism, discrimination, and prejudice. We must educate in order to defeat ignorance.

I am very hopeful many people participate in this campaign and that we can make a profound difference in our community. Racism through derogatory terms, micro-agressions, ignorance, exclusion, and discrimination permeates through our society and we cannot tolerate it.

We, as the Greater Princeton Community, must show that we will not allow for racism. We must make it clear that we oppose all forms of racism in our town. We must vocalize our demands for justice, equality, and acceptance.

Our campaign will be primarily through social media and we would like to ask all of you to use the hashtag: #PrincetonAgainstRacism

I am hopeful the hashtag will provoke many important conversations, be a vehicle for change, and broadcast our need to end racism once and for all.

Some examples of things to tweet are (please use this opportunity to post on social media why you stand against racism - use any and all social media platforms):

"I stand against racism because my race does not define me. #PrincetonAgainstRacism #EndRacialProfiling #StandAgainstRacism"    

"I stand against racism because there cannot be another murder like that of #WalterScott. #PrincetonAgainstRacism"                                                                

"I stand against racism because I believe in human rights, acceptance, and equality. #PrincetonAgainst Racism."

Please view our social media as well as the social media pages of our partners to see the progress of this campaign! I look forward to seeing many powerful posts!

Also, please stop by the Not in Our Town Communiversity Booth on Sunday, April 26th to learn about this campaign and to get involved!

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