Muslim Stereotyping is Ingrained in America

Recognizing Islamophobia in Everyday America

“Well, how is it living with parents raising you as a terrorist?” These are the words that escaped the mouth of a high school boy in an attempt to insult an ordinary American Muslim- me. His intentions may be unclear, possibly viewed as a joke even, however the fact that those words seamlessly rolled off his tongue as though he had been practicing them for days should be a huge concern to many. To have the audacity to blatantly proclaim those very words to me as I faultlessly went about my own day is only one of the many experiences that thousands of Muslims go through everyday. Many people advise simply walking away in order to portray the sense that you do not care. However, I view this as a fault in our society- to a certain extent. How does one solely rely on walking away and ignoring these comments as an effective way to change these stereotypes? I, for one, believe that people who label others require a first hand educated response; not for revenge, and not out of anger, simply in an attempt to educate the young minds of today, to change the stereotypes of tomorrow.

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