Meghan Markle's Momentous Entrance into the Royal Family

It sounds like a Hallmark movie or a Disney film, but it happened to Meghan Markle, a biracial woman from America

Once upon a time there was a woman who went on a blind date with a prince. During their time together, they talked about their passions and dreams. The prince fell madly in love with her. He whisked her away to Africa, where the found themselves enjoying a magical adventure. When they returned home, they met each others' families.  Their love continued to grow with every passing day. Finally, after a year and a half of love and adventure, the prince gladly went down on one knee and asked the woman to marry him…

It sounds like a Hallmark movie or a Disney film, but it happened to Meghan Markle, a biracial woman from America. Meghan Markle is an activist and actress who is engaged to be married to Prince Harry of Wales. Her engagement is a huge news for those who follow the British Royal family, but as a biracial individual, I was deeply, and especially affected by this news. I had never before seen a princess who looked like me. The representation of my community in the media is scarce, and among them, there are even a fewer celebrities who openly identify as multiracial. Meghan Markle is a strong, passionate, and a remarkable woman who stands up to the struggles that multiracial Americans continue to face every day. She is a distinguished advocate for the multiracial community, and I am ecstatic that the future generations would be fortunate enough to have a multiracial role model who has such an influence in a powerful country.

Meghan Markle has faced discrimination and bigotry at every step of the way in her relationship. Many individuals have made comments about her race, status, and even her choice of clothing. They’ll refuse to accept that she is royal simply because she is not like the other members of the royal family. As a biracial, catholic divorcée, she would have never been considered as a suitable bride for a member of the royal family, had it only been a few centuries ago. However, in the modern times, love seemingly conquers it all, some way or the other, its influence is overwhelmingly warm and light, and undeniably comforting in today’s harsh reality and sad climate. Meghan Markle may not have been born with the class, or the style that the other members of the royal family possess, but she is every bit of a hero that the multiracial community had been trying to find. And, she will remain one for a long time to come.

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