1. “Name all international delegates present here.”

“XXX,XXX..Oh, and Mercy Corp”, after my parent and I raised our hands.

I was waiting for my name to be called out quickly because I was pretty active during the whole conference, but my name was the last to call out.

“Sorry we forgot you.”

For me, a purely Sorry cannot settle anything. From 1850s till now, Asian, especially Chinese, are neglected and discriminated around the globe. And lots of people just complained on the Internet or officially but never GET THINGS DONE.

2. “Are you crazy? Why political science? Why not business/Economics/Computer Science/Engineering?”

“Why JD? You don’t want to marry in the future?”

My parents still cannot understand my reason to choose polisci as my perspective major, maybe they will never understand. Under decades of stereotypical education, they seem to give up the hope to CHANGE. But I think, as a millennial, I am born to, I am destined to REDEFY.

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