International Women's Day: Challenge Yourself

Use International Women’s Day to begin conversation with the woman you hate.

Use International Women’s Day to begin conversation with the woman you hate.

Before I am berated for the aforementioned suggestion, I implore you to ask yourselves why you hate the woman you do. Be sincere with yourself. If it is distaste that has arisen from previous encounters, seize the day as an opportunity to forgive and forget. If it is jealous or envy that repels you from woman, now may be your chance to simultaneously compliment their laudable traits, and to reflect on the ways you can alter yourself to emulate the qualities you once wished they were stripped of. No intimate, revealing conversation about your distaste has to occur, but wishing them well on a day meant to honor women may be the most significant contribution you can make to womankind, everywhere.

On International Women’s Day, it is our responsibility to celebrate the women ascending to stardom, personally and internationally. It is the one day of the year outwardly displays of power and strength are our prerogative, and that is why it is important that every woman rejoices. And, after all, 2015 was one of the most important years for women ever. A female candidate ran. The Senate was run entirely by women (albeit briefly). Women’s education soared in countries where it is often overlooked or culturally frowned upon. And while Malala Yousufzai and Sharpen Obaid are meritorious in their own respects, so are the women who got them there. And the reason beginning dialogue with other women is so important is because no woman accomplishes in isolation. So, take today to thank your army. Congratulate and thank the women (and men that sympathize and support females) who’ve stuck it out with you this long, and understand that opening dialogue with the women you may be averse to may eventually become a gateway to adding another women to your army out to dismantle the patriarchy. Women here have one common goal: not to destroy men, but to destroy the institutions that have for too long afforded them the ability to climb higher socially and financially at our expense.  And the only way to stand in fierce opposition without faltering is through building a network of women (and men) that will stand with you: and if you are willing to hold out your hand, the woman on your right may surprisingly be the one you once considered an enemy.

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