How Hard It Must Be For You

The stark contrast in how our society treats women and men

I turn on my TV to a storm of controversy

My eyes are watering, I’m begging for mercy 

But oh sir, how hard it must be for you!

Do you have to be cautious too? 

Do you avoid going out after the sun goes down? 

Are you often told to smile, not frown?

When you walk alone, do you walk in fear? 

Do you walk quickly because there is danger near? 

Are you afraid when you catch someone’s lustful eye? 

Do shivers travel down your spine, do you feel the urge to cry? 

Are you told to cover up?

Do people tell you you’re an object to pick up? 

Does music degrade you too? 

Do those lyrics make you lose hope, make you blue?

Are you also called a liar?

Do people only think of you as something to desire? 

Do people not believe your tears? 

Even after five minutes or thirty five years? 

Are you afraid to speak? 

Afraid that others will turn the other cheek? 

I would love to help you, sir 

But my ears are flooded with slander that people slur

My feet are held down by the shackles of oppression,

Holding me own from making a confession

My mouth is covered by the gag of misogyny,

Stopping it from shouting what haunts me 

But sir, you are free to do as you please

You can get away with anything at ease

You can still become a President or a Supreme Court Judge 

But from this darkness I cannot budge 

How hard it must be for you!

For your victims to turn up out of the blue 

To scare someone from speaking 

Hiding all evidence and weakness, sneaking

While my sisters are being attacked

You sit back, ignoring that fact

Thinking women’s rights are so taboo, abstract 

Ignoring what your actions might bring, the impact 

Tell me sir, is it really that hard for you? 

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