For Many Years/One Day

My journey of embracing my identity as a Dominican-American

For many years, 

I let night’s cloak hide me from scornful eyes 

Holding my tears and faking my cheers 

Perfecting my mannerisms, never letting anyone hear my cries 

For many years, 

A veil has been draped over my face 

Hiding my worst traits, my irrational fears 

Protecting me from the entities that made my heart race 

For many years, 

A gag was placed over my mouth

Ashamed of my second tongue, silenced by my fears 

My culture was stuck in a drouth

Awaiting for the relief of rain, even a tear 

One day:

I finally removed my cloak 

And showed the world what lies inside 

Revealing the words I never spoke 

Reviving something in me that had already died 

The sleeping lion in me finally woke

I pulled back the veil 

The prisoners in me fleeing out 

Ushering out the ghosts in me, drowsy and pale 

Welcoming every frown, smile and pout 

I yanked away the gag, 

The words bursting out of me 

My two tongues combining like a smoke and a drag 

I am a proud Dominicana, isi si si!

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