Every Breaking Wave; A Lure, A Pounce, A Cruelty Displayed in Present-Day Society

"We often regard the ocean as a figure of ambiguity, for what is beneath the surface is unclear. However what we refuse to explore is what that ambiguity blankets."

They say the horizon dwells in its own haze

A self-reflection that consumes its own presence even on the most fine-clouded days 

But what we often disregard, is the body of water that blankets the sun in utter darkness

Cloaking the fiber of its rays and dressing it with a sheath of incoming stars

This body of water situates itself at the pit of every landmark 

Swelling to the commands of the moon, and crashing in spurts or waves along the tidal coast 

An inlet of ambiguity that features the cyclical motions of the waves—inhaling the sand with crustaceans buried within and exhaling them onto land

In a way, this body of water resembles the inner-swell of society, pouncing upon the structural integrity of stereotypes 

And drenching subjects in standards they are unable to champion 

They say the ocean is an enchantress, luring the unknown, and expelling their afterthought

However, what one often disregards is the fact that society presents itself in the same likeness

For every wave, breaking and all, 

Crashes upon the shore of the dancing crustaceans, and sweeps them beneath the undertow

Immersing their figures in inexplicable fluidity—a fluidity that chips at their individuality, so much so that an undesired conformity is breached  

Ruthlessly recycling the same high-to-low tide pattern, springing upon parcels of impressionable sand 

A deceptive cruelty trampolining the shimmer of sunlit refractions

That same deceptive cruelty that breaks, sweeps, lures, and pushes at the feet of existence

Influencing the sway of the sand, the whereabouts of the de-habited, exposed crustaceans, and the pull of the incoming tide 

All factors that, if compared to society, are indicative of stigmas and stereotypes 

For we are those slivers of sand or crustaceans, de-shelled and re-habitated at the feet of the luring undertow 

The undertow that decides our importance, social standing, and most comparatively, our drift along the swell of the tide

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