Don't Stereotype.

How Society Can Fight Back Against Stereotypes, and Avoid the Bystander Mindset

“Stereotypes; you can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them.” We hear stereotypes daily. EVERYONE is labeled with either a positive or negative stereotype. What is the purpose of society to group people in these ways?

Stereotypes not only affect people’s social lives and emotions, but also impact how people interact with their environments. Ultimately, ignorant pre-judgement can potentially make people feel as if they have no motivation in life. The consequences are detrimental. In an atmosphere with so many stereotypes, psychological pressure is created. Thereafter, depression, and even isolation, may persist in an individual. The list does not end there. Although most people don’t realize it, they often stereotype their very own friends. What good will this do? Friends may not show it, but they may still be hurt by being labeled in certain ways.

We must “redefy” the common misconceptions in society. Don’t be a bystander. Take a stance and, as cliche as it sounds, really BE YOURSELF. Meanwhile, think about how grouping and labeling people can negatively impact the people you interact with everyday. We are a progressive world, and we should keep it that way. Don’t discriminate. Don’t stereotype. Most importantly, stay strong.

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