Dancin' Willows

The dancing willows stand tall to the screaming of the wind that urges for them to fall.

The willows are dancing to the tune of the hollow wind passing by. 

The wind’s screams, the sky’s tears, and the setting sun saying goodbye.

Under the graying sky they don’t cease to dance

as they sway to the cries of the passing wind. 

The ocean rises, the birds are fleeing,  

and yet the dancing willows stand tall 

to the screaming of the wind 

that urges for them to fall.

Under the graying sky, 

the wind howls, 

the clouds cry, 

the ocean rises, 

the birds fly, 

all the while the willows dance alongside the trees that have risen from below the sky. 

For they seldom have their dance during the storm that passes by. 

The storm which disappears at the sight of the rising sun. 

The graying sky that begets the life of the willows that dance

has caused their roots to strengthen, 

their leaves to fall, 

and their branches to grow. 

It was the sun that shone, 

the tears that grew, 

the wind that shoved, 

which helped the weeping willows stand tall

 despite being urged to fall.

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