Cherishing Our Differences

Why we must appreciate our diversity and individuality

Ivory or Beige, Honey or Chestnut,

All can’t be the same because we are no robot,

All skin tones are just as beautiful,

If you love yourself all is wonderful

Chubby or Slim, Short or Tall,

Well, beauty has no rules or protocol,

You are lovable just the way you are,

Even with your deepest scar

Your imperfections the way you embrace,

Those scarred knees and marks on your face,

Narrate your life’s adventurous story,

After all the purity of your soul is true glory

Fly high sky is the limit they say,

Even birds have diverse wings so why the cliche,

Be who you are and own it with pride,

To tie your wings or set them free is for you to decide

People judge and pass comment,

But who gave them the right to leave you in torment,

Are they really worth your suffering and pain,

Then why hurt yourself and restrain

You know yourself the best, 

Cause you have seen yourself at the worst,

You need nobody’s validation,

Cause you are one of the finest creation

All you need to do is love yourself the most,

Give yourself respect utmost,

Have faith and confidence in yourself,

Don’t be an unread book on the shelf

Let everyone know the real you,

And cherish your differences too,

Cause until you put yourself out there,

You will be in despair

Let us cherish our differences together,

And explore one another

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