Anything But Human

Since when were we puppets with society in control of the strings to our minds? 

I once thought we were all human, 

nothing more and nothing less.

So when we became anything but humans who can’t tell what’s right from what wrong, 

I became conscious that we were all just puppets with the connected strings in our own hands.

No longer humans but instead puppeteers.

Clothes suddenly had gender restrictions, 

skin had color,

sexuality was controversial, 

pronouns were a joke. 

So I was very confused when we became anything but human. 

Since when were we puppets with society in control of the strings to our minds? 


I thought we started and ended life as equals.

Where we were born at the start,

and where we all died at the end.

Because we were humans who were supposed to be equals.  

Or so I thought, until the world proclaimed 

that one skin color was supposedly superior to others.

In my ears, it sounded as if someone was saying that 

redheads were better than blondes or that a green crayon was better than a blue one.

For what does the color of someone matter when we were all just human in the end?

Since when did the world proclaim that clothes had gender restrictions?

If skirts were for females,

did that mean pants were for males?

Was it just for clothes or was it for objects as well? 

Then I’m assuming a pencil must be for females and erasers for males 

because when females speak their mind, most men have the urge to erase their words. 

If only it was that easy to erase the proclamations of society instead. 

How did sexuality become so controversial when it is purely love between humans?

While our lives may be in our hands, our hearts are not. 

It takes the path it wants, whether it be narrow or straight, while paying no heed to the voices of the world that scream that such love is wrong.  

Pronouns were jokes, gender decided during birth, male or female, no in-between. 

Whether it be he, she, they, ze….

Why does it matter when we were all human to the core? 

This broken world had caused us to become divided 

I wonder if it started when the world first broke apart. 

We were once all human who together unified as one.

It's unfortunate to realize that we are anything but human, who when divided by our differences became one alone in the darkness known as our thoughts. 

When love is discrimination, it becomes impossible to love each other as solely humans in a world where: 

clothes had gender restrictions, 

skin had color, 

sexuality was controversial,

pronouns were a joke, 

because we were anything 

but human. 

However, whether it be my innocence or youth,

I believe that we live in a world where 

clothes are clothes, 

Skin is skin, 

sexuality is love, 

pronouns are who we are,

Because we are just humans, 

nothing more and nothing less. 

With the strings to our lives in the control of our own hands. 

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