Another Epidemic Amidst the Chaos: Child Abuse

What happens when staying home is more dangerous than going outside?

With the ongoing pandemic, it seems simple that the first solution should be to stay at home. But what happens when home doesn’t bring you safety? What happens when staying home is more dangerous than going outside?

Across the United States, teachers report bruised students; in California, a case worker heard screaming in the phone when she spoke with a young child. Hospitals are seeing more severe injuries by the day, from abusive head trauma to infant injuries.

The reported number of cases of child abuse may have gone down; however, in reality, this signals countless other cases going unreported every day. Not seeing people everyday makes it easier to hide the bruises behind a screen. Across the country, there have been double digit percentage drops in the number of cases reported, but child abuse is only continuing to grow.

Children are also at risk for sexual violence and a whole plethora of other issues at home. Simply put, home is not safe for everyone and we need to recognize that and come up with a solution, fast.

One would think that since the curve is flattening, parents are going back to work, and children are enjoying their lives at home. However, due to the high levels of unemployment, more and more parents are staying home every day, and we are now seeing a hidden increase in child abuse because of that.

The problem is that there is more child abuse going on, yes, but it is more important that no one knows about it. In fact, more people think that child abuse is decreasing because that’s what the numbers report. However, in reality, many people are missing the underlying fact that the cases are not being reported.

When there is no school, call lines go silent and the pain of these children is swept under the carpet. If you want to bring this issue to light, help spread awareness about it by starting a campaign, or visit this website for more information. There is always something we can do to stop this hidden pandemic amidst the coronavirus.

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