Announcing the Clean Air Campaign

Redefy is excited to announce our first initiative as a part of our 2015 mission: The Clean Air Campaign! 

redefy is excited to announce our first initiative as a part of our 2015 mission: The Clean Air Campaign!

The Clean Air Campaign is an effort to rid our vocabularies of derogatory terms, racial slurs, micro-aggressions, and words and phrases which belittle populations and are a detriment to society. The Clean Air Campaign is inspired by Duke University’s “You Don’t Say?” Campaign and Cierra Moore's previous redefy article entitled "Clean Air." It will be a two part campaign, consisting of a video we are in the process of making and a subsequent change.orgpage in which people can vow to keep our air clean and avoid the use of derogatory terms.

We are very hopeful this campaign goes very far and has a lasting effect on communities all over the world. We feel this project is imperative in order to create an atmosphere and environment which is conducive to acceptance and tolerance. Derogatory terms and micro-aggressions impede the development of human beings and societies and we hope this campaign can prevent the pervasiveness of ignorant speech through education and media.

We are looking to feature as many prominent, famous, and inspiring people as possible in our video in order to increase visibility and impact. We already have some brilliant people who have agreed to take part in our project such as our amazing spokesman, Ali Stroker. We are looking for more people to take part in this project and if you feel that you could benefit the Clean Air Campaign in anyway we encourage you to e-mail contact.redefy@gmail.comto volunteer or with contact information for someone you think may be beneficial to the campaign, suggestions, or comments.

We are so thrilled to see the Clean Air Campaign come to life and hope you are too!

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