An Open Letter to Texas Lawmakers

"If menstruation and reproductive rights were a part of manhood, I would not be writing this letter to you right now. Though sadly, I will never know what that’s like, I am a woman."

Dear Texas conservative lawmakers, 

What do you view the idea of being pro-choice as? Do you see it as simply being pro-abortion? An endorsement of reckless sex, with an option to opt out of any and all of its consequences? Women being able to have reckless sex without the full consequence of having to conceive and birth a child in result? Quite frankly, it hurts me that you are yet to understand the position all women are put in when they are met with the reality of their reproductive system. What I can’t seem to understand is why are you not listening to us? Why are you taking away the choices we have in regards to our bodies and our lives? 

I find it so ironic that the majority of pro-lifers stand not only against the control of the bodies of thousands of women but also stand against the COVID-19 vaccine. Some of you and your supporters believe that not getting the vaccine is YOUR choice because it’s YOUR body. Even if it could result in someone else suffering. For every person in America we are told that we are given the autonomy of our body and the choices we make for it, healthy or not. But this letter is not about COVID right? It’s about protecting innocent lives from abortion right? Let me ask you this, what do you do to care for these lives once they come out of the womb? 

Putting restrictions on abortion after six weeks of gestation is cruel. This is the reality of a near ban on abortion in general. Due to the logistical, legal, and financial aspects that come with receiving an abortion, some women simply don’t have time. Even if they are lucky to know if they’re pregnant so early, the time you’re giving them to have an abortion is not enough. I know that your true intent is just that, make it impossible for us to get one if we wanted to. 

You see, most pro-lifers put women who look towards abortion clinics for help in a bad light. Some will protest outside of these facilities, calling women horrible names, preaching to them about God and the Bible, and making the experience much more insufferable than it already is. For the majority of women, abortions play a role in their last resort. Yet, you spend all this time protesting, and hating, and targeting, when there are 29,927 children in your foster care system. You can’t tell a pregnant woman that there are other options when in the state of Texas, 3,378 children are waiting to be adopted (LanceUSA70). You pass laws to decrease abortion, cut taxes out of the well-fair system, and now, you decide to ban any abortions after the pregnancy reaches it’s sixth week of term. What are you doing to help the thousands of children who suffer while living in the foster care system? How many children have you saved from the foster care system? This is what we don’t understand. 

From the words of my greatest hero, Gloria Steinem, “Logic has nothing to do with oppression.” Even if women didn’t have reproductive organs they would still be inferior to your gender. This is sadly due to the fact that, “​​whatever a "superior" group has will be used to justify its superiority, and whatever and "inferior" group has will be used to justify its plight” (Steinem). If menstruation and reproductive rights were a part of manhood, I would not be writing this letter to you right now. Though sadly, I will never know what that’s like, I am a woman. 


Amelia Rose Speichinger

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