A Question for the Boy Who Sexually Assaulted Me

Who are you and what gives you the right to take advantage of me?

A question for the boy who sexually assaulted me:

Who are you and what gives you the right to take advantage of me?

Your masculine entitlement?

A byproduct of a historically determined social construct that favors men, especially white men, over women. Allowing men to escape the responsibility of their actions. Granting you the right to my body however and whenever you would like.

Your physical strength?

The result of biologically larger muscle fibers and greater proportion of lean tissue. Enabling you to hold me down and bend me every which way.  

Your position of power?

An unjust professional world that favors men in positions of power. A world in which directors and producers take advantage of young actresses who stay quiet for their own careers. So you can treat me however you like because I rely on you.

Your friends demanding I give you a second chance?

A masculinity complex which perpetuates socially constructed heteronormativity and fails to fathom my lack of desire to be with you. Believing I need a man to be content in life. Ignoring the bruises on my body. Expecting me to run back to your arms and beg for forgiveness.

And who am I?

I’m the girl will never gain these advantages for herself. Except, I'm also the girl who will expose the foundation of your advantages. And force you to realize you never had the rights you expected to have to my body. All you ever had was an inflated understanding of historical and social constructs you’ve lived with your entire life.

So inflated that you’ll never understand just how much you hurt me that night.

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