Michelle Seucan

Director of Research


Michelle Seucan is a 17-year-old high school senior and writer from Staten Island, New York.  Having a passion for activism and writing for as long as she can remember, Michelle aims to combine her two loves by creating work that sheds light on various socioeconomic issues, such as women in media, gender & racial equality, human rights, education, and climate change. Her pieces have been featured in anthologies, research journals, and literary websites, along with having received Scholastic Gold Keys and an American Voices Award nomination. She joined ReDefy because she wanted to continue highlighting the issues of the world through research and the written word.

Michelle is the Arts & Culture Editor of the online publication HALOSCOPE, a Girls Write Now 360 Mentee, and the Director of Journalism of the global non-profit Finxerunt, as well as an active member of the Teen Activist Project at NYCLU. But in her free time, she also loves to dance, workout, go on nature walks, and spend hours scrolling on Tik Tok!

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