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The position of Director of Journalism is fundamental to Redefy's productivity and expansion and therefore requires a significant time commitment. The Director is responsible for acting as Editor-in-Chief of Redefy journalism, generating compelling article ideas, editing/revising pieces, on-boarding staff writers and editors, collaborating with the Director(s) of Social Media and the Director of Content Creation to boost articles to wide audiences of young readers, formatting/sending out monthly newsletters featuring highlighted articles, as well as creating monthly sign-ups to coordinate article ideas, writers, and deadlines. The Redefy Director of Journalism is expected to upload a minimum of 6-7 articles to every week.

The Director of Journalism should be able to commit 6-9 hours each week to this work. We urge you to consider the time, effort, passion, and knowledge that you might dedicate to the position before applying.

Redefy is an international by-youth, for-youth non-profit that seeks to empower schools and communities with the resources to become more inclusive and equitable. We accomplish this 4 ways: journalism, resource creation, chapters, and campaigns. Redefy's journalism empowers a diverse cohort of writers and editors to comment or report on current events, social justice issues, and problems they have witnessed or encountered as members of marginalized groups. Our social media team creates resources for young people looking to learn about the issues and get involved in creating change for our social medias and website. Redefy mobilizes our international web of school, community, statewide, or national chapters to create local movements for social equity. Finally, as a full team, we launch large-scale campaigns focused on solving singular social justice issues.

In a world where identities are often politicized, it is imperative that Redefy covers the narratives of those who are directly affected by current events. In posting news stories, op-eds, and personal narratives of young writers, Redefy's journalism initiative seeks not only to amplify the stories of social strife and celebration, but uplift storytellers--often ones student, BIPOC, queer, disabled, or otherwise marginalized--finding their voices to speak on the issues that matter most. Journalism is a cornerstone of our ability to understand others and unite in our advocacy against hate and discrimination.

Application due July 13th, 2021

We are looking for people that have a desire to change the world, that can't stop thinking about kids who feel ostracized, stereotyped, or lonely on account of their most core identities, that think creatively and have a passion for storytelling.

You must be in grades 9-12 to apply for the Director of Journalism of Redefy; however, if you are not in high school and still wish to stand up to hate and discrimination, visit to discover other potential opportunities for you. The work we do is meant to impact all people, so any support you can give us is beyond appreciated.

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As with all the positions that Redefy offers, this is a volunteer position; however, as a non-profit, we are able to award community service hours for each hour worked on Redefy. Stipends may be available for those who cannot afford to work without pay.




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