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Chapter Leaders will be expected to have meetings at minimum once a month, using Redefy’s monthly resources (listed under the “Resources” tab on the Redefy website) to guide discussion, but may also organize their schools and communities for causes, hold events, or plan fundraisers for Redefy. The Director of Operations will also work with Chapter Leaders to ensure that they have the support necessary to create clubs/chapters and will also set them up on Workplace, Redefy’s main line of communication, so that they can receive updates from the Redefy team and converse with other chapter leaders around the world. Chapter Leaders are essential to expand the reach of Redefy/acceptance, and we are hoping to establish clubs/chapters wherever possible so that students can have a space to talk about things that we don’t talk about enough—identity, equality, and humanity.

It is important to note that depending on the scale of a chapter, a Chapter Leader will be expected to run social media pages to represent their chapter (ie. Redefy Panama). Upon request, Chapter Leaders may also be provided with Redefy t-shirts, wristbands, etc.

If you consistently demonstrate your ability to fulfill the above responsibilities with professionalism, purpose, and passion, you may hold this position until you graduate high school, and once a candidate is selected for this role, they will be expected to begin immediately.

Chapter Leaders will create Redefy branches at the school, community, town, city, and country level where they will lead groups of students in talking about issues of identity, social justice, and the role young people play in activism. Most commonly, Chapters are organized at high schools or universities around the world. Our hope is that Redefy chapters can be forums for students to congregate to discuss issues relating to acceptance and have a place to be accepted. Furthermore, Redefy clubs should be the center of youth activism in communities and will be called upon to activate with our larger Redefy network periodically.

  • Age 12-18 (7th grade to 12th grade)
  • Ability to devote the time necessary
  • Responsiveness
  • Leadership ability

As with all the positions that Redefy offers, this is a volunteer position; however, as a non-profit, we are able to award community service hours for each hour worked on Redefy.




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